What exactly is the Streemfire online video platform?

This post was written for my client Streemfire GmbH and appeared initially on their blog:

When we tell people about Streemfire we are used to hearing this question. Often it is supplemented with a “There´s YouTube and many other well-known video platforms, so how are you different?”

First of all, I agree that there are a couple of things Streemfire shares with other online video platforms. It is capable of encoding, storing and delivering video content uploaded by users. It enables you to stream multimedia to the screens of PCs or mobile phones. And between upload and playout it offers convenient tools to administer and manage your audiovisual content.

Well, but what are the differences? Does Streemfire offer any advantages against mainstream online video sites?

Let me highlight the main distinctions:

The TV channel concept:

Streemfire lets you create, manage and maintain a form of video playout which resembles the linear content programming structure of a traditional TV station. As a Streemfire user you are managing your own online TV channel. You are responsible for producing or putting toghether the content of your channel. You “program” it by bringing the media into a meaningful order. You publish it with the help of the Streemfire infrastructure which makes your TV channel available to your target audience (and to no one else).

The media shaping concept:

The second distinctive factor is closely related to the TV channel concept. With Streemfire you can easily shape and customize your TV channel. Media shaping with Streemfire involves the use of high-quaility video design templates and editable text overlays for still images and videos. You can customize when these overlays appear on your multimedia. The editorial work of choosing a shaping theme, entering the screen text and timing its appearance is integral part of Streemfires content management facility. You can add an other dimension to your content by shaping your multimedia and enrich your viewers experience with additional information. In addition, you can refine this textual information with a few clicks whenever necessary and without impacting the playout of your channel.

The cloud concept:

Streemfire has been built intentionally as a full-fledged, standards-based cloud service. Which is the reason why your audience can receive your Streemfire-based content globally. And it is the reason, why you can conviniently manage your channel and shape your content from anywhere. All you need is a browser.

I will dive deeper into the “TV channel” paradigm in one of the next blogposts. So stay tuned and try some content shaping in between ….